So, with the cancelled US trip (simply not enough interest to book things this year, it felt like too much of a gamble, sorry, we’ve decided to run 2 weeks of camp back to back from the 30th March in the usual place Morzine in France.

We’ll get the details to returning comrades in a mailout asap, then release info online for new campers, watch this space!


Please vote for the Girls Skate Crew I’m part of to win an award we’ve been nominated for in Copenhagen. All you need to do is click on the pic above or follow this link and click ‘like’ on the pic to place your all important vote, simple!…then re-post it on your facebook/twitter/whatever page to get us more votes if you are a lovely kind person : )


Women In Skateboarding

Something I am asked about a lot is what it’s like to be a girl that snowboards or skates and why more girls don’t do it… it’s something I’ve written about in the past and something I think about a lot, this article in Huck highlights the major point about female stereotypes encouraged in the past. I really think the ¨internalisation by both sexes¨ of the stereotypes of how a woman should look and behave is a major part of why people don’t like to see/feel they should do a sport, the negative effects of appearing ‘unladylike’ are deeply engrained into society so far that we don’t even realise that we are acting according to what society expects from us.
This article is a ‘thinker’ that’s for sure, I’d welcome comments on what your thoughts are….

Playground Jam 2012

Our Camp Interviews

-a little edit I made of Jenny Jones interviewing a few campers along with Head Coach Ben Kinnear. It’s for anyone wondering what a week on camp is like, what type of person comes on camp and what kind of coaching we do.

Our January Camp 2012

Lorna in Ben’s jacket, she has some serious growing to do before she can fit that thing! haha.

Camper Lorna Dalgleish (Kenny’s Daughter ; ) took some great shots on camp week. I thought they pretty much summed up the time, lots and lots of powder, lots of park, some pipe and then some Veuve Cliquot with Pizza to round off the week : ) sums Our Camp up PERFECTLY! : )

So, the next stage in the Ladies First Challenge is set for the 18th Feb in the swiss resort of Wildhaus, if you are near the resort please go and support this brilliant comp, the girls create a great environment for a really friendly comp and it’s sure to be a fun experience.


Here’s a little film made at last years comp to give you an idea of what the set up will probably be like-

Edit from last years comp in Wildhaus.



Just got word from Maude (comp organiser) that one of the competitors is looking to share an apartment/room for the comp, anyone interested mail info@ladiesfirstchallenge.ch