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Well, it seems a pipe dream, but we got an email from Tim Windell this morning asking to host an Our Camp!

We are going to look into ‘logistics’ and see if it’s something we can get off the ground. Windells is like the ‘Holy Grail’ of snowboard camps in our minds and it would be a brilliant place to bring Our Camp, there is a brilliant snowboard scene but as well as that they have a bunch of places to skate too!

Man, it was always a dream for me to go there, in her book Tina Basich writes how she went there to learn her 900’s back in the 90’s and so many U.S pro’s went there to train in the days when it was the only place to go in summer, a lot of them still go now.

Here’s a bit about Windells from their site-


Windells Camp is rooted in snowboard progression. Back when riding a halfpipe was limited to contest day, Tim Windell — along with four-time World Champion Craig Kelly — invited the sport’s best riders to Whistler B.C. where they’d continue learning and having fun in the off-season. Two successful summers later, Tim Windell made the move to Mt. Hood, where the quest to build the ultimate environment for pushing the limits of snowboarding, has since gone far beyond even his wildest dreams.

Throughout the past 20 years, Windells Camp has been an evolutionary stepping stone for the world’s best. Every US Olympic medalist to date has been through Windells. The top 10 men and 8 of the top 10 women in this season’s Dew Action Sports Tour were all former Windells campers.

US Snowboarding Olympic coach Mike Jankowski used to coach at Windells, just like many of the top coaches the world over. Windells coaching technique balances focused riding with all-out fun, allowing each camper to tap into their full potential. With a support crew 300 strong, this is where your riding will hit the next level. Our coaching staff is hands down the industry’s best and gets hand-picked every season.

Year after year, no expense is spared in building the very best facilities imaginable. From halfpipes to superpipes, straight rails to kinked double sets and tabletops to massive booters that make you kiss the Oregon sky, Windells builders are on the cutting edge. This year, there’s even a private rope tow to keep riders rolling all day long. Last season, Windells campers were lapping a park into August that exceeded 1.5 miles long. Mt. Hood has never seen anything so awesome!

This summer, pro Pat Milbery’s much-anticipated “Signature Feature” project will be bumping up Windells Terrain Park. Each session, Milbery and another guest pro will build a new dream feature. Check out some of the pros who will be at Windells for Summer 2009!

Broch Stevens
Trevor Jacobs
Ross Baker
Austin Hironaka
Brandon Cocard
Team Salomon
Team Rome
Nick Dirks
Harrison Gordon
Desiree Melancon
JJ Thomas
Lucas Magoon
Josh Sherman
Louie Vito
Chanelle Sladics
Drew Fuller
Bennie Hendricks
Andy Finch
Chas Guldemond
Tim Humphreys
Brandon Reis
Mikey Leblanc
Darrell Mathes


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Here are the weeks for Girls only, we also have a week for both boys and girls, running from the Ride and Slide Chalet from 15th-22nd March.

To see what is included and all camp costs etc have a look at the Our Camp Site (ourcamp.co.uk)

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