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Why is it better to have a girl’s only camp?

The funny thing is, we don’t hate riding with guys at all, but this really is the best environment to get girls to progress and feel that they are in a non competitive, supportive atmosphere. After the camps the girls go back to their usual riding buddies feeling a bit more ‘empowered’ for want of a less corny word! At the end of the day this is a male dominated sport and it is nice to feel part of a majority once in a while, the only way for girls to get that in snowboarding is to do female only camps and competitions……this is such a long discussion, but I hope that has kind of answered the question.

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Don’t you miss the boys?

NO… hehehe, only joking, it’s not that we totally detach from boys, it’s more that we are a crew of girls riding together, boys will ride with us too but we are there for each other and to help each other with tricks, a lot of the time we get boys asking for help too as they can hear us coaching each other, sometimes the campers will help them try the jump or rail with them, it’s not about segregation it’s about finding a supportive unit to inspire you to learn. Besides, most weeks we have Drewie there as the male contingent, he’s our filmer.

-this was in an interview for Whitelines I did a while back, I recently had the same chat with someone about skating, it’s just the same…..all we want is to feel the ‘majority’ once in a while, it’s the best way to progress. We don’t want to separate ourselves entirely, but a lot of the time we don’t want to think that we’re representing womens snowboarding/skating to the world, we just want to get on with learning new things with a supportive crew.

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