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Laura and I went over to Leysin to take part in the Ladies First Challenge Tour stop there, it was the perfect day for a comp, sunshine and new snow, hot but not too hot to make things slow. The course was a bit more ‘serious’ than we’d been expecting, hehe, but was so much fun once we dared to test everything.

At the start there was a wide flat bar and then a C box then on to this big pipe thing with a big ollie on, it made me a little fearful to be honest, I had no idea what it would be like to ride, especially as the jump was straight after it, no room for much error. I’m not sure how big the jump was, it was a little bit ‘whippy’ so took a bit of getting used to, after a few runs I decided spinning might actually be the better option on there anyway oh and then at the bottom there were two picnic table things to slide on.

First run in quali’s was good for me, can’t actually remember what I did on the rails, haha, but landed on my feet and then did a melon on the jump that was boned right out, I love them soooo much when they go perfectly like that, you have all the time in the world to point your front foot right out and down at the landing, that’s got to be one of the most satisfying feelings, flying off a jump and tweeking the hell out of a melon grab! hehe Then down at the picnic table I did a 1/2 cab on 5/0 thing…not sure if that’s the real name, I like to make up names for tricks on rails anyway! haha

Then next jump I decided if the rails went well I would spin on the jump, they did, so I did, but didn’t have enough speed for making the landing, I bounced off the knuckle and into what should have been an epic nose dive in the landing….but totally landed on my feet and rode out, hahahahaha, it was  unbelievable! Luckily Laura was on the lift watching so didn’t miss it either! hahaha

Think the next run went well, I mixed it up  little bit on the rails then landed a fs3 stalefish…this qualified me first, stoked on that!

Finals didn’t go so well, I was feeling a bit tired and my knee has decided it likes to swell up and stop bending very much when I ride all day so my first safety run was ok, then I slammed on the next run and then overshot on the next 360 then my last run went really well, same as in qualis. But I needed 2 good runs to do well, I only had one good run and 1 safety run so came 4th, still happy with that though.

The whole day was great fun, just how a comp should feel, nice little day trip for me and Laura.

Laura came 2nd with some snazzy twizzles off the rails, some frontside sliding on them and some lovely fs360 indys.

Here’s some pictures from the event-


Here’s an article written about the comp on french Mag/Blog site ‘Gravity Ladies’


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We are very pleased to announce that our all female slopestyle event -The Playground Jam is set to be a TTR 1star event for 2011!

The date (TBC) is set for 2nd April, same time same place as usual, Chapelle Park Avoriaz 10am for inscription.

So, at the end of the season this event will help everyone top up those valuable TTR points before the end of the competition year!

See you there : )

to see more about the competition and pictures/video/results from previous years, go to here!


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This was such a fun event last year, Me (Gilly) and Stef (Nurding) went over form Morzine and stayed with a friend Charli, we spent our time riding their fun park, competing and swimming in various pools around town! haha, such fun. I made it into the final which was a relief as we’d travelled over 9 hours in the car to get there! haha

shot from 2010

Here’s what Viola says about the event planned for this year-

This year we decided that we wanted to take a bit more time for Sista Sessions in order to have time for all the action, and the dates are set for 19-23.01.11. The event will last for 3 days and include all the usual fun, lessons for beginner freestylers, photoshoots, parties, rail jam and the 3Star Swatch TTR Slopestyle contest. The open qualifying will take place on Friday 21.01.11, and all girls all welcome to come ride in this chilled out session. However, please sign up in advance like last year, as we may only have limited spaces left on the day. See you there! Acommodation deals coming up shortly.

In a Nutshell-

Idea: Gathering as many snowboard loving chicks into one location for to have fun, progress the sport and provide opportunities to show off talent.

Dates: January 19-23, 2010
Contest Format: Slopestyle TTR 3***
Prizemoney: USD 2.500 
Location: Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen (Austria)
Side events: Photoshoots, jam sessions, beginner freestyle lessons, photo exhibition, photo competition and much much more…

this was one of my favourite shots from 2010, thanks SiataSessions : )


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Yesterday’s Playground Jam went ahead despite the bad weather reports of high winds and snow storms.

We arrived at 8.30am to a park bathed in sunshine and looking amazing, the top jump was built up and looked super fun, the rest of the park was looking great too, with rail and box lines as well as 2 sized kicker sets of 3.

We set up and waited for the girls to arrive, by 10am there were 16 snowboarders and 5 skiers signed up and practicing their stunts on the course.

The wind turned out to be a little bit of an ‘issue’ I told the girls to make sure they kept safe and only rode the stuff they felt was going to give them the most fun, I knocked myself out last week taking a kicker in the wind at the British Slopestyle Comp, NOT FUN, I have never realised how much the wind can affect you, it’s a VERY dangerous element that needs to be respected, wish I’d known that before I took a 20meter kicker in a high crosswind! haha, still here to tell the tale, so that’s ok!

The girls were able to handle the wind and the sun even shone for most of the days competition which was a very welcome sight as it felt bloomin’ baltic up there!

We wrapped up the days comp early, expecting an imminent snow storm, everyone got 5 runs each and we judged the placings from those. Then we met at the bottom of the park for sandwich, cakes and prize giving.

The judges had a hard time of it, everyone rode well and with the ‘mitigating circumstances’ it was really hard to tell who most deserved placings, the top 3 in snowboard were pretty clear to see though and the ski judges said the skiers were pretty easy to place, but it should also be said that on a perfect park day, the placings could have been very different, the top girls all battled through the weather and managed to stomp their stuff because they are super solid riders, a few of the others kept it safe and didn’t want to ‘tempt fate’ trying things in the wind. This is the essence of competition though and what keeps them interesting, hopefully the sun will shine next year to give the other girls a chance to really shine too.



1.Elena Konz -SUI

2. Jo Chastney -UK

3. AlbaWunderlin -SUI

4. Stef Nurding UK and Vicci Bergqvist SWE

5. Fanny Vuagniax SUI and Lina Ryytty SWE

6. Leontine Dickhoff NED and Sam Rogers UK

7. Emily Purver -UK

8. Rode Bromley UK and Tania Bukhari Benz -SUI

9. Sophie Legg UK and Polly Baker UK


1. Nicole Berra – SUI

2. Sissy Herant – FR

3. Camillia Berra – SUI

4. Kelly O’Donnell – UK

5. Suze Van Oudenaarde – NED

Our Camp would like to thanks everyone for supporting us and helping us put on the competition, extra special thanks goes out to our sponsors and the Avoriaz Park Team.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Skullcandy Sista Sessions 2010“, posted with vodpod
Last weekend Stef and I went for a weekend to Mayrhofen, Austria for the TTR3 star Skull Candy Sistasessions competition.
It was great to meet up with the local riders, especially nice to see Charlie our host and Claire Frost, UK shredmaster of fs7’s off her toes : )
The comp was really good fun, the sun came out and we all rode the course having some fun on the side on box or rail, flat down box or rail and then 2 kickers 12-14m long. The standard of riding was really high, there were spins of all directions stomped and local girl Tinni was busting out her bs5 which is all inverted and RAD!
I managed to make finals by the skin of my teeth with a run where I crashed on my bs180 but made my fs3 stale and had a fs lip to fakie on the box and 5-0 on the flat down box.
In the final I almost managed to stomp the run but messed up the lipslide a little and then  scetched on my bs1 round to 3, not ideal, but stoked on a good day all the same : )
Ended up in 14th place and was really, really happy for it.
Then there was a jam session on the box by the comp tent, it was brilliant fun, we’d been sessioning the small boxes with the locals the day before so had some new tricks to try outin this session, Stef was on fire with some siiiccckkk fs slides and some crazy spinny cab 270’s on, she won a whole new outfit of jeans, T and a hat and some more goodies too! so she was stoked!
We stayed for the afterparty and then kidnapped Claire so we could show Avoriaz her fs7 haha.
Week over now, it’s been great, Roxy rider Aimee Fuller was here too and we had some really productive days learning new tricks in the parks here : )
Off to Adelboden tomorrow for a Nikita Slope Comp which is part of the Nikiata Chickita Swiss Tour.
Pic from the Sistasessions of my fs3 stale, not sure why it looks upside down, must be their lens!
Here’s the full writeup from the TTR news page-

The snowy slopes of Mayrhofen, Austria glimmered in the sunshine as 50 girls from thirteen different countries gathered for the Skullcandy Sista Sessions. In one action-packed day the participants could join in on various activities: beginner lessons, small jam sessions and photo shoots, while the main focus was on the 3Star Swatch TTR Slopestyle competition. It was 19-year old up and coming ripper from Slovenia Urška Pribošič who deservedly took the top spot on the podium, while local Zillertal girl Chirstina “Tini” Gruber came in second and Claire Frost (GBR) in third. The title of best non-sponsored rider and a one-year clothing sponsorship with Billabong Girls went to the delighted Argentinean Chani Michaux who placed 13th.

The Vans Penken Park was groomed to perfection and consisted of two sets of rails and boxes, an 11m kicker followed by a 14m kicker. Urska’s super stylish winning run started off with a 50/50 on the top rail, a backside boardslide to frontside boardslide on the flat down box, then a huge backside 360 tailgrab on the Billabong kicker and a frontside 540 on the Skullcandy kicker that sealed her victory. Riding against some of Europe’s top-notch riders like Liza Filzmoser (AUT) and Basa Stevulova (SVK), Urška was happy and overwhelmed by her win “I can’t believe it because all the girls were riding so good. I’m stoked!” She had made her way to the invite list by winning the Skullcandy Sista Sessions Video Clip Contest, so a double victory for Urška!

Tini, who finished closely in second showed her skills on her home stomping ground with a backside boardslide to fakie and a 270 frontboard in the rail section to a big frontside 360 and stylish a backside 540 on the kickers. Claire nailed a solid run consisting of a frontside boardslide, gap 50/50, front side 360 melon grab and a huge backside 360. The happy top 5 riders all walked away with cheques and a pair of brand new Skullcandy headphones. The riding seen in the park impressed Head Judge Nina Rydelek, “We had a very good level on both rails and kickers. The girls really pushed each other to try 720’s, we have a good rookie winner and all the girls who went through the qualification really stepped it up against the invited riders.” The top 3 girls won a place on the invited riders list of the 3Star Oakley Girlsessions in Ruka, Finland from 8-11 April 2010, while the top 5 are invited to the 3Star Shred Down Austrian Masters.

The Skullcandy Sista Sessions stayed true to its roots and included all levels of girls snowboarding with pro and the up-and-coming riders side by side. Also the beginners had the chance to learn all sorts of basic tricks with the guiding hand of the local SMT Snowboard School in the “Sweet Dream – Newbie Zone” and afterwards showed off their newly learned skills winning armfuls of prizes during the beginner box jam session. One of the stars of the day was 7-year old Annika Morgen (AUT), who was the youngest participant of the day and was killing it!

The busy chill zone featured a Christa Leonard photo exhibition brought to us by our sponsor Les Ettes and the popular waffle stand from Vans. Finally a “Hot chocolate Box Jam Session”, presented by Billabong, ended the day in style. We would like to thank all the girls who made the Skullcandy Sista Sessions a true success, not only by taking part in the competition, but also by creating such a friendly atmosphere, and pushing each other to progress.

Big thanks goes out to our sponsors who made the event possible: Skullcandy, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, Billabong Girls, Vans, Les Ettes, Sweet Dream and SMT Snowboard School. Watch out for our media partner magazine Cooler where you can soon read about the event and see exclusive photos!

Video from the Skullcandy Sista Sessions will be online shortly on http://www.sistasessions.com while photos are already up the Sista Sessions Facebook Fan Page! Upload your photos of the day to the Fan Page and you may be one of the lucky winners of the “best photo” competition for the public.

1.Urška Pribošič, SLO, Elan
2. Christina Gruber, AUT, Salomon, Bonfire, Adidas, Hotzone
3. Claire Frost, GBR, DC, Dragon, Pow Gloves, Snozone
4. Lucie Zabranska, CZE, Roxy
5. Conny Bleicher, GER, Elan, 686, Les Ettes
6. Diana Sadlowski, POL, Airblaster, Contract Snowboards, Flax Bindings
7. Katarzyna Rusin, POL, Salomon, Bonfire, Electric Visual, Femi Pleasure
8. Lisa Filzmoser, AUT, Dakine, Elan, Helly Hansen, Nikita
9. Andrea Binkert, SUI, Mr. Goodfun
10. Stevulova Basa, SVK, Roxy
11. Julia Baumgartner, AUT, Electric, Gravis, Jb, K2, Nikita, Nixon, Pow 12. Gloves, Pull In
12. Alicia Bonnaud, FRA, Oxbow, Vars Resort, Dragon, Vans, Protec, K2, Landing
13. Chani  Michaux, ARG, -winner of the Billabong 1 year clothing sponsorship
14. Gilly Seagrave, GBR, Protest, Atomic, Adidas, eka,Vans
15.Tania Detomas, ITA, Roxy, Santa Cruz
16. Andrea Sanktjohanser, GER

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Maude Richon just wrote to us to tell us all about the brilliant plan that she has hatched for this winter….a NIKITA  SWISS TOUR, with Slopestyle and Rail Jams galore to keep us girls busy!

NCST0910POSTERA6Here’s the info-

“A girls only freestyle tour”
Winter 09-10
Welcome to NIKITA CHICKITA SWISS TOUR : a girls only freestyle tour in
This winter the Swiss world of freestyle favours the girls. The women snowboarders and skiers will have
the opportunity to show what they are able to do during the first edition of the NIKITA CHICKITA SWISS
TOUR. The snowparks of five Swiss resorts will be at the disposal of the best women riders of the
Afters years in the background women’s freestyle finally asserts itself in Switzerland. Winter 2009-2010 will be
marked by the event of NIKITA CHICKITA SWISS TOUR. Five slopestyles, one rail contest and photoshoots are
planned this season. The NCST 09-10 will start in December and finishes in March. The first qualifying set will be
held on January 16 in Villars (VD). The NCST 09-10 will then go the German part of Switzerland on February 6 to
Hoch Ybrig (SZ) and on February 20 to Adelboden (BE). It will come back to the French part on March 6 to
Crans-Montana (VS). The big final will be held in Thyon (VS) on March 20.
Prize money of CHF 5000.- is at stake.
The three best female snowboarders and skiers of each qualifying set will receive their ticket for the final to be
held at Central Park in Thyon on March 20. They will challenge about 15 women riders invited in order to earn the
prize money of CHF 5000..- foreseen for the podium of the NCST 09-10. An invitation to the edition 2010 of the
NIKITA CHICKITA EUROPE at Serfaus in Austria on April 10 will also be offered to the best woman
“Opening Session” and Montreux Jib Festival also programmed.
Together with the 4 qualifying sets and the final other events are planned. The first will be held in December in
Les Diablerets (VD). A big OPENING SESSION will be held on December 12 in the Chalet of the Bodukan. Rails
will be put in front of the Chalet and it will be possible to have refreshments and a bed for the night there. Later in
the season a second “Extra contest” is programmed in Montreux (VD). On January 22 the association Orgiride
convoques the girls for the first performance of the MONTREUX JIB FESTIVAL.
All information concerning the NIKITA CHICKITA SWISS TOUR 09-10 can be found on the website :
http://www.ncst.ch and on http://www.nikitaclothing.com
General information on the events :
Qualifying sets
16 January : Villars (VD)
6 February : Hoch Ybrig (SZ)
20 february : Adelboden (BE)
6 March : Crans-Montana (VS)
Final :
20 March : Thyon (VS)
Extra contests :
12 December : OPENING SESSION in Les Diablerets (VD)
22 January : MONTREUX JIB FESTIVAL in Montreux (VD)
Organisation : Ladies First Crew – http://www.ncst.ch – Maude Richon

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