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I have a mini interview on the Goneboarding site this month, here it is (love that they call me ‘lovely’! hehe)-

For this latest issue of the GB Jibber Jabber we speak with the lovely Gilly Seagrave…
Q1: Your Details:
Name: Gilly Seagrave
Country of residence: France in Winter, Sweden in Summer
Board: Atomic Fallen Angel
Bindings: Burton Escapade’s
Boots: 32 Vela’s
Outerwear: Protest
Sponsors: Atomic, Protest, Adidas, Eka, Protec

Q2: Marmite
Love it

Q3: Pirates or Ninjas?
Pirates, or actually I think the character Daniel Day Lewis played in Gangs of New York is way cooler than either, the rough Dickensian crook, his style was super cool – move over pirates!

Q4: Truth or Dare?
Dare every time!

Q5: Trick or Treat?
Trick, I love treats but tricks make me laugh. Jenny (Jones) once played a joke on us by hiding under the balcony with all of our computers and the TV from the apartment while we were out riding, all because she was home with an injury and had cabin fever!

The funniest thing was that we didn’t realise anything was wrong till after we’d had a cup of tea and a sit down for about half an hour, she was down there for ages! hahaha

I usually make the girls watch horror films too when we’re away, I love getting scared and then scaring them, once I hid under Emma’s (Rogers) duvet so I could re-enact the scene from the Grudge, she took way too long in the bathroom though, I almost suffocated and gave up waiting, when I told her she reminded me how sore it would be to get kicked in the face, haha.

Q6: What was the best thing before sliced bread?
Puppies (since sliced bread too!)

Q7: Which came first the Chicken or the egg?
I’ve actually really thought about this! Hahaha, it’s a conundrum, is that what you call it???

Q8: You must DATE, MARRY and KILL one of each of these lovely gents:
Pete Doherty: Kill, and enjoy doing it a little bit.
Jeremy Clarkson: Date, eughhhh!
John Major: Marry, then divorce the tory ba**ard and bleed him for all he’s worth.

Q9: If (A) Chuck Norris, (B) Bruce Lee, (C) Mr. T and (D) Giant Haystacks were thrown into a locked cage and had to fight their way out. Who would be the last man standing?
B (Bruce Lee) would be the last one standing, but Chuck would have given him a run for his money I bet. BA would be the first one down, he’s crap!

Q10: If you had to feature in ONE of the following cartoons, (A) He-Man, (B) Thundercats or (C) Bravestar, which would you pick and what would your character be called?
Thundercats, I loved that! Or maybe He-Man because I hate that Hammerman character. I hated him because he had no neck. I was pretty unreasonable as a kid, haha. So maybe I should be a baddy in He-Man who kills HammerMan called BitchRa or something hehehe.

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* Photo credits www.nilssvensson.com

Cheers Gilly!


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Here’s the info of the Nikita ‘goodie lady session’ (when will they change that name of it!!)

It’s set for the 7th February and I’ve been for the last 2 years and have had a brilliant time both years.

The course is always fun with jumps of all sizes and some fun obstacles to jib and slide too.

If you’re interested in coming from Morzine France let me know I might have room in the car (gilly’at’ourcamp.co.uk)

The resort is a small one called Thyon Les Collons about 2 hours drive from Morzine, France.

All subscriptions should go to maude@centralcamps.com

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I just heard that they are holding a super fun girls slopestyle course this weekend in
Grimentz Valais, Switzerland. It is aimed at am’s and will have a series of kickers around 5m and some boxes and rails, so it sounds like it’ll be a great relaxed comp for girls wanting a taster of what a comp feels like without the pressure of big kickers. I think the forecast looks good too, yippee!

The first place in this comp gets an invite and free spot on the Nikita comp in Thyon, so well worth the trip I think!

I’m going to take a car of girls over from Morzine France, if you’re interested mail me on gilly’at’ourcamp.co.uk and I can take up to 3 girls in the car, if you have a car then even better, we’ll drive in convoy. Here’s a map of where it is and the good news is, it’s only 2 hours from Morzine.

To inscribe and get any more info write to maude@centralcamps.com she’ll fill you in on any details.

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Here’s the next installment of Our Camper Jess’s competition experiences this year.


Here’s the story in her own words-

¨this is how i got on in the last couple of lowlander series comps…….

I got a third out of three at Bearsden Dryslope in Glasgow
….I went on my own so before I got there I was scared to death, but when I got there the girls were great!!! it was a big air and quarter pipe set up…. I found the kicker alright but don’t have much experience on quarter pipes! but was still really pleased as I landed my first backside one eighty on dryslope, Kara who won, landed a backflip!!! crazy girl!!! she was lovely though and I’ve met her a couple time since at SnowZone in Glasgow (Braehead).


……..a few weeks later…….

The night before the SnoZone event I went there to practice with some friends, they had a big park set up and it was great to get my legs before the comp the next day… i boardslid and 50-50’d my first c box which felt amazing!! they also had a big kicker which i was getting my biggest 180s yet on so was really pleased with myself!

The next day I was really nervous as I knew there would be more girls at this event, but once I got on the slope all the girls were really nice and there was a really chilled out feeling. On the practice runs somehow…. I’m not sure how, but I landed (a kinda big for me!!) backside one eighty method! much to my friends and brothers amazement (one of them is now seriously considering booking himself on to a camp) I couldn’t get the smile of my face!!! For the comp, I decided to take the line of kickers as the rails all had pretty big gaps on to them. My best run was a frontside one eighty over first, indy on the second, and a backside one eighty over the biggest, with a little shifty over the last which I was really pleased with. The other girls were doing similar things so no one knew who would get through. I didn’t qualify but it didn’t matter to me at all and I had one of my best days riding yet because I really pushed myself and enjoyed the other girls company.
oh, and I’m now 186 on ttr rankings!!! lowlander_braehead_smck_035

The next 3 comps are in Feb-March at the scottish resorts and I’ve invited the girls from Summer Camp up too, so hoping we can have a winter reunion! I’m off on my first european winter holiday to three valleys in January with some friends, I’m so excited about going to a big resort in winter and hoping for lots of powder!!!


Thanks for the update Jessica,once again, We’re feeling like a proud mothers! hehehe

Well done, you’re a complete star and Our Camp are very proud to have you as a comrade! we have everything crossed for your next few comps, and don’t forget to come to the O.C Competition in Avoriaz on the 14th March, we want to see that B/S 180 Method in all it’s glory!! hehe



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We just heard from a camper, Jessica Crighton, she entered one of her first competitions last week after joining us for summer camp in Les 2 Alpes. It’s a great story and it’s best if I let her tell you all, I’m so amazed by her balls and commitment, I also feel a bit like a proud mother might! hehe

Here’s the story in Jess’s words-

¨I just thought id tell you i came second in my first slopestyle event last month!!! at Hillend Edinburgh! id never ridden a dry slope until the day of the comp so it was a little scary!!! I only went to the comp to watch with some friends!! but they entered me! i didnt have any gear with me at all! had to get hire kit (hence the childs helmet!!!)  and learn to ride dryslope in two hours…. still have the pretty patterns on my knees! the rails were on dendex….which i hate but the kicker was made from snow flex which isnt to bad… apart from it burning though to your skin when you fall at high speed!!! next comp is november 1st at glasgow… but more scared this time because i know im going!!! we had two runs in the morning and best riders from each group went through to the finals, then you had two runs in the final too. best run out of the two counted i think. when i got there, there were no girls about so niki said i should give it ago, as if none turned up i would still get some prizes! we managed to get hold of free hire board and boots from a very nice man in the hire place, a friend of nikis found some board pants in his locker and the photographer lent me some gloves! then i went out to ride plastic for the first time!!!

I just rode the beginers area first and was just managing some sketchy turns! niki demanded i hit the kicker after that! it wasent as hard as i thought it would be and was soon getting some grabs and methods, started to try my backside one eightys, but only landed one! some other girls turned up and at first i was worried they might laugh….. but they were really nice and encouraging so there was no pressure. only three of us entered the comp so we all got through to the finals. my best run was backside boardslide on flatbox, method on kicker and 50 50 battleship box which got me second. it didnt feel like a comp and i would recommend more girls go to these events as they are great fun and the other girls are really supportive!!!! ¨
Thanks for letting us know your success story Jess, I bet it’ll inspire quite a few more girls to give it a go too. We look forward to hearing the next installment! : )

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