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British rider Sara Phillips has been living in Portland with her husband for a few years now, I was wondering how she was after chatting to another friend I know living in Portland, much to my surprise I saw her on the new Holden site! (found via my subscription to Nollie.tv)

She’s friends with Mikey and part of the crew over there so it’s not a surprise to see her face there, what caught my attention was the way they have the items show on the site, it’s all short films, like the new Adidas site that Tim and Johno are making right now (I’ll let you know once it’s live) The films show Sara and others wearing the holden collection in various places in town (Portland I assume)

It’s a nice catalogue, not 100% my cup of tea with the clothing, but then I have absolutely no idea what girls want to wear, but some nice pieces and some environmentally friendly stuff too, good one Holden, and great to see Sara too! : )

Their Blog is now on my subscription list too.


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