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So, the next stage in the Ladies First Challenge is set for the 18th Feb in the swiss resort of Wildhaus, if you are near the resort please go and support this brilliant comp, the girls create a great environment for a really friendly comp and it’s sure to be a fun experience.


Here’s a little film made at last years comp to give you an idea of what the set up will probably be like-

Edit from last years comp in Wildhaus.



Just got word from Maude (comp organiser) that one of the competitors is looking to share an apartment/room for the comp, anyone interested mail info@ladiesfirstchallenge.ch



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Laura and I went over to Leysin to take part in the Ladies First Challenge Tour stop there, it was the perfect day for a comp, sunshine and new snow, hot but not too hot to make things slow. The course was a bit more ‘serious’ than we’d been expecting, hehe, but was so much fun once we dared to test everything.

At the start there was a wide flat bar and then a C box then on to this big pipe thing with a big ollie on, it made me a little fearful to be honest, I had no idea what it would be like to ride, especially as the jump was straight after it, no room for much error. I’m not sure how big the jump was, it was a little bit ‘whippy’ so took a bit of getting used to, after a few runs I decided spinning might actually be the better option on there anyway oh and then at the bottom there were two picnic table things to slide on.

First run in quali’s was good for me, can’t actually remember what I did on the rails, haha, but landed on my feet and then did a melon on the jump that was boned right out, I love them soooo much when they go perfectly like that, you have all the time in the world to point your front foot right out and down at the landing, that’s got to be one of the most satisfying feelings, flying off a jump and tweeking the hell out of a melon grab! hehe Then down at the picnic table I did a 1/2 cab on 5/0 thing…not sure if that’s the real name, I like to make up names for tricks on rails anyway! haha

Then next jump I decided if the rails went well I would spin on the jump, they did, so I did, but didn’t have enough speed for making the landing, I bounced off the knuckle and into what should have been an epic nose dive in the landing….but totally landed on my feet and rode out, hahahahaha, it was  unbelievable! Luckily Laura was on the lift watching so didn’t miss it either! hahaha

Think the next run went well, I mixed it up  little bit on the rails then landed a fs3 stalefish…this qualified me first, stoked on that!

Finals didn’t go so well, I was feeling a bit tired and my knee has decided it likes to swell up and stop bending very much when I ride all day so my first safety run was ok, then I slammed on the next run and then overshot on the next 360 then my last run went really well, same as in qualis. But I needed 2 good runs to do well, I only had one good run and 1 safety run so came 4th, still happy with that though.

The whole day was great fun, just how a comp should feel, nice little day trip for me and Laura.

Laura came 2nd with some snazzy twizzles off the rails, some frontside sliding on them and some lovely fs360 indys.

Here’s some pictures from the event-


Here’s an article written about the comp on french Mag/Blog site ‘Gravity Ladies’

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The registration for the first qualifyer contest of the LADIES FIRST CHALLENGE 2010-2011 is open!

Click here to go there!

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