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Life After Snowboarding


Many of us in days gone by wished for the life of a professional skier or snowboarder. Waking up everyday to go and hike the latest line with some friends and a camera man, honing our latest tricks in the park in the afternoon and then enjoying a few aprés ski beers ready to do it all again the following day.

Ok, so the closest most of us have ever been to that is working in a chalet or bar and hitting the mountain at every opportunity, the only beers we enjoyed were on those nights our bodies weren’t crying for bed by 9pm. I may be understating the training required, traveling needed and constant drive to be the best that the pro-riders endure. Unfortunately there aren’t too many of us that can match Travis Rice or Candide Thovex.

The one thing that we do all forget is what a professional snowboarder or skier do once they hang up their boots. There are few whose efforts to support their dreams turn into their next career. So Graham Bell and Ed Leigh may keep us entertained whilst watching BBC snowsports but there are not many who have been brave enough to start a business based on our own interests and succeeded. Queue Gilly Seagrave.

For those who know Gilly she is a perfectionist. She has been around the British scene for some time and still gets cracking pictures for her sponsors, coaches budding young riders with Our Camp and her boutique clothes brand EKA is taking off.

EKA is Gilly’s new passion and pride and started off as a way of financing snowboarding by making beanies for her friends. Thanks to her partner Nils, who convinced her she could do much more than sell a few hats in Morzine, EKAwear was born and the brand already has a fantastic selection of boutique clothing. The items look just at home in the streets of Morzine or Courchevel as they do on Oxford Street or the Kings Road.

The collections produced by EKA are fantastic accessories that not only look stunning but are ecologically friendly and ethically produced. With more and more brands taking this approach the winter sports scene is trying to preserve the mountains in their own way. Patagonia work tirelessly on their carbon footprint in both production and distribution, and brands like Volcom and Quicksilver offer ranges using recycled or sustainable materials.

When was the last time you watched the Winter X-games or Olympics and the podium was full of over 35s? Next time you hit the slopes and are watching kids inverted in the park, dropping huge cliffs or race training just wonder to yourself what will they do when it’s all over. Like with most sports there are limited opportunities once the sponsorship deals run out so it’s great to see stick actively contributing to the snowsports community in different ways.

Written by Stephen Adam


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Yesterday’s Playground Jam went ahead despite the bad weather reports of high winds and snow storms.

We arrived at 8.30am to a park bathed in sunshine and looking amazing, the top jump was built up and looked super fun, the rest of the park was looking great too, with rail and box lines as well as 2 sized kicker sets of 3.

We set up and waited for the girls to arrive, by 10am there were 16 snowboarders and 5 skiers signed up and practicing their stunts on the course.

The wind turned out to be a little bit of an ‘issue’ I told the girls to make sure they kept safe and only rode the stuff they felt was going to give them the most fun, I knocked myself out last week taking a kicker in the wind at the British Slopestyle Comp, NOT FUN, I have never realised how much the wind can affect you, it’s a VERY dangerous element that needs to be respected, wish I’d known that before I took a 20meter kicker in a high crosswind! haha, still here to tell the tale, so that’s ok!

The girls were able to handle the wind and the sun even shone for most of the days competition which was a very welcome sight as it felt bloomin’ baltic up there!

We wrapped up the days comp early, expecting an imminent snow storm, everyone got 5 runs each and we judged the placings from those. Then we met at the bottom of the park for sandwich, cakes and prize giving.

The judges had a hard time of it, everyone rode well and with the ‘mitigating circumstances’ it was really hard to tell who most deserved placings, the top 3 in snowboard were pretty clear to see though and the ski judges said the skiers were pretty easy to place, but it should also be said that on a perfect park day, the placings could have been very different, the top girls all battled through the weather and managed to stomp their stuff because they are super solid riders, a few of the others kept it safe and didn’t want to ‘tempt fate’ trying things in the wind. This is the essence of competition though and what keeps them interesting, hopefully the sun will shine next year to give the other girls a chance to really shine too.



1.Elena Konz -SUI

2. Jo Chastney -UK

3. AlbaWunderlin -SUI

4. Stef Nurding UK and Vicci Bergqvist SWE

5. Fanny Vuagniax SUI and Lina Ryytty SWE

6. Leontine Dickhoff NED and Sam Rogers UK

7. Emily Purver -UK

8. Rode Bromley UK and Tania Bukhari Benz -SUI

9. Sophie Legg UK and Polly Baker UK


1. Nicole Berra – SUI

2. Sissy Herant – FR

3. Camillia Berra – SUI

4. Kelly O’Donnell – UK

5. Suze Van Oudenaarde – NED

Our Camp would like to thanks everyone for supporting us and helping us put on the competition, extra special thanks goes out to our sponsors and the Avoriaz Park Team.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Stash – Morzine“, posted with vodpod
Here’s some fun footage of Nico Droz and friends in the Avoriaz STASH. Too much wall ride for me, but great inspiration all the same, that bench at the top is super fun and a spin over the tree jib needs to be on my agenda soon (gulp!)

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Here’s some coverage we got today, thanks Anna : )

Our Camps are exclusive to Ride and Slide Luxury Chalets for 2010 and are set for a Mixed Week from Jan 17th-24th and a girls only week from April 4th-11th. Prices are £780 including transfers, food, accommodation, lift pass and all week riding with the Our Camp pro’s.

The latest and most exciting news is that VANS have decided to support them for 2010, giving them boxes and more boxes of VANS goodies to keep you warm and dry…

Next bit of news is that the ourcamp.co.uk site has has a ‘make-over’ take a look at the new look along with new addition – the Our Camp Forum – not only can you chat with other campers but you can also sell your old gear on there, arrange to meet at your local slope, ask about advice when you’re buying new gear anything you like really!

Another new addition to the FORUM coming soon will be a ‘used but not abused’ section where you can shop for new and 2nd hand equipment previously owned by Our Camp pro’s. Jenny Jones has a stash of goodies in her attic for us to share with you so soon you’ll be able to boast that you own a board/jacket/boots previously worn by an XGames Champion!

Watch this space for news of the ALL GIRLS SLOPESTYLE COMP – THE O.C PLAYGROUND JAM as they are planning the second coming right now, ballpark date is some time late season when the jumps are soft and the sun is shining…

See you all in the fluffy white stuff soon!



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This amazing site will change any blog you type in into a lovely word cloud, it’s genius! I’m completely addicted.


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Stoked on some more coverage, this has been a great winter so far and we’ve not even touched the white stuff yet! : )

(Gilly in the red pants jibbing the barrel)

(Gilly on the rail in the small pic on the left side)

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OC logoLOVES VANS logo



I don’t think I’ve told you all yet…we are now very happily sponsored by VANS, they will be kitting out Our Camp coaches and providing us with many wonderful gifts for Our Campers, thanks VANS : )


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