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This was such a fun event last year, Me (Gilly) and Stef (Nurding) went over form Morzine and stayed with a friend Charli, we spent our time riding their fun park, competing and swimming in various pools around town! haha, such fun. I made it into the final which was a relief as we’d travelled over 9 hours in the car to get there! haha

shot from 2010

Here’s what Viola says about the event planned for this year-

This year we decided that we wanted to take a bit more time for Sista Sessions in order to have time for all the action, and the dates are set for 19-23.01.11. The event will last for 3 days and include all the usual fun, lessons for beginner freestylers, photoshoots, parties, rail jam and the 3Star Swatch TTR Slopestyle contest. The open qualifying will take place on Friday 21.01.11, and all girls all welcome to come ride in this chilled out session. However, please sign up in advance like last year, as we may only have limited spaces left on the day. See you there! Acommodation deals coming up shortly.

In a Nutshell-

Idea: Gathering as many snowboard loving chicks into one location for to have fun, progress the sport and provide opportunities to show off talent.

Dates: January 19-23, 2010
Contest Format: Slopestyle TTR 3***
Prizemoney: USD 2.500 
Location: Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen (Austria)
Side events: Photoshoots, jam sessions, beginner freestyle lessons, photo exhibition, photo competition and much much more…

this was one of my favourite shots from 2010, thanks SiataSessions : )



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Here’s an excellent article written for Whitelines.com by Ed Leigh, all about how Jenny Jones has won, YET ANOTHER XGames slopestyle GOLD! yay!!!

I love the comment about the ‘three-peat’ hehe, if you were listening to the commentators at the US XGames, you’d know exactly what he means! hehehe


X-Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Words & Photos by Ed

IMG 4485 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

In football they say the first premier league trophy is the hardest to win (and as a long suffering Liverpool fan I can vouch for that!). Once you’ve proven to yourself that you can do it and have the heart – as well as the skills – to win, the titles will follow.

That’s the theory anyway, and it’s one that seems to be coming true for the UK’s Jenny Jones. Today she threw down when it counted – yet again – to add the inaugural European X-Games slopestyle gold medal to add to her previous two X-Games victories in 2009 and February this year. Funny to think that just a month or two ago the American TV commentators were questioning her first win since a couple of big names had been missing from the field. Not any more. I believe they call this a ‘THREE-PEAT’, bitches!

In qualification the women had really struggled to overcome a lack of speed and unpredictable gusts of wind on the gnarly seven-hit course. By today, however, both the set-up and the weather had improved dramatically meaning the girls were able to showcase their full bags of tricks.

Kjersti boosts a stylish frontside melonKjersti boosts a stylish frontside melon

IMG 4436 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Jenny’s winning run included a front 5, cab 5 and a perfectly grabbed front 7 on the last booter. She was followed by the ever stylee Norwegian Kjersti Buaas and Switzerland’s Sina Candrien – who attempted a gutsy 900 on the last hit. Cue many a group hug, high fives and general smiles, not just from the riders but from the spectators too. Jenny is always a popular winner thanks to a super friendly attitude and endearing modesty that borders on the ridiculous (the first thing she said to me was, “Did I definitely deserve to beat Sina’s run?”); here in Tignes, she was enjoying more support from ever from a big British contingent in the crowd.

“It was nice to show [the world] that a British girl can ride without looking too retarded!” she explained in the press conference afterwards, to much laughter from the assembled journos (when the MC translated her comments into a politically-correct French version, Jenny said, “Did you translate retarded?!” Classic.).

Jenny lookin solid as everJenny lookin solid as ever

Jenny would be the first to point out the lack of grab on this one  but who cares - can you spin sevens?Jenny would be the first to point out the lack of grab on this one but who cares – can you spin sevens?

IMG 4442 387x500 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Perfect frontside 720 - WITH grab - to finish.Perfect frontside 720 – WITH grab – to finish.

Since Tignes is where Jones’ snowboarding career began as a precocious seasonaire back in 1998, the victory here at the bottom of the familiar Lanches run was extra special. We caught up with her in the melee for a brief interview. Check it out here.

Results – Women’s Slopestyle

1. Jenny Jones GBR 92.33
2. Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas NOR 86.66
3. Sina Candrian SUI 83.00
3. Spencer O’Brien CAN 80.66
4. Silje Norendal NOR 63.33
5. Charlotte van Gils NED 48.33

IMG 4489 333x500 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Entertaining the press by not riding like a retard.Entertaining the press by not riding like a retard.

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