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So, the last stop on the tour before the Thyon Final was yesterday in Crans Montana, I drove up there with Stef Nurding and Laura Berry. The weather forecast said cloud with some sun and some snow, but what we actually got was snow with some wind and lots of cloud, well low cloud….fog actually!

So the course looked pretty fun, lots of rails and boxes and a jump with 2 sized kicks on it at the top, they weren’t big, but the fog made it impossible to hit the bigger choice and the small choice was pretty hard going even when they had sprayed it with paint….NOT good for me as jumps are the only thing I’m happy doing really and all I could manage was my safety fs 3 on there, the rails were good fun, but I didn’t really try anything more than a few board slides and 180’s off and lots of tail/smithy slides, haha, not exactly progressive! I already have an invite for the Thyon final so I wasn’t too bothered where I placed to be honest.

Laura had a good rail run with a fs 180 one sweet assed fs on the flat down, a nose press on the down up box and a 50/50 to fs 180 off the ‘nessy’ rail or ‘woopdidoo’ rail getting her 2nd place and an invite to Thyon. Stef had a brilliant run featuring some fs boardslides on the boxes and rails and a 180 off the flat rail and a 50/50 to the end of the nessy rail but didn’t manage to stomp her bs3 on the jump so didn’t get a podium place which was needed for a Thyon invite : (

The other girls were riding well for such a shitty day, it was lucky there were so many rails there really as the fog just kept getting worse and the wind was a major fun sucker too! I couldn’t watch anyone elses runs as the park wasn’t in sight of the lift, but I saw a couple of nice 180s and 360’s on the kicker, which although doesn’t sound rad, in this weather was pretty awesome!

Can’t wait for the Thyon finals, lets start praying for sunshine now!!!


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Here’s an excellent article written for Whitelines.com by Ed Leigh, all about how Jenny Jones has won, YET ANOTHER XGames slopestyle GOLD! yay!!!

I love the comment about the ‘three-peat’ hehe, if you were listening to the commentators at the US XGames, you’d know exactly what he means! hehehe


X-Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Words & Photos by Ed

IMG 4485 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

In football they say the first premier league trophy is the hardest to win (and as a long suffering Liverpool fan I can vouch for that!). Once you’ve proven to yourself that you can do it and have the heart – as well as the skills – to win, the titles will follow.

That’s the theory anyway, and it’s one that seems to be coming true for the UK’s Jenny Jones. Today she threw down when it counted – yet again – to add the inaugural European X-Games slopestyle gold medal to add to her previous two X-Games victories in 2009 and February this year. Funny to think that just a month or two ago the American TV commentators were questioning her first win since a couple of big names had been missing from the field. Not any more. I believe they call this a ‘THREE-PEAT’, bitches!

In qualification the women had really struggled to overcome a lack of speed and unpredictable gusts of wind on the gnarly seven-hit course. By today, however, both the set-up and the weather had improved dramatically meaning the girls were able to showcase their full bags of tricks.

Kjersti boosts a stylish frontside melonKjersti boosts a stylish frontside melon

IMG 4436 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Jenny’s winning run included a front 5, cab 5 and a perfectly grabbed front 7 on the last booter. She was followed by the ever stylee Norwegian Kjersti Buaas and Switzerland’s Sina Candrien – who attempted a gutsy 900 on the last hit. Cue many a group hug, high fives and general smiles, not just from the riders but from the spectators too. Jenny is always a popular winner thanks to a super friendly attitude and endearing modesty that borders on the ridiculous (the first thing she said to me was, “Did I definitely deserve to beat Sina’s run?”); here in Tignes, she was enjoying more support from ever from a big British contingent in the crowd.

“It was nice to show [the world] that a British girl can ride without looking too retarded!” she explained in the press conference afterwards, to much laughter from the assembled journos (when the MC translated her comments into a politically-correct French version, Jenny said, “Did you translate retarded?!” Classic.).

Jenny lookin solid as everJenny lookin solid as ever

Jenny would be the first to point out the lack of grab on this one  but who cares - can you spin sevens?Jenny would be the first to point out the lack of grab on this one but who cares – can you spin sevens?

IMG 4442 387x500 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Perfect frontside 720 - WITH grab - to finish.Perfect frontside 720 – WITH grab – to finish.

Since Tignes is where Jones’ snowboarding career began as a precocious seasonaire back in 1998, the victory here at the bottom of the familiar Lanches run was extra special. We caught up with her in the melee for a brief interview. Check it out here.

Results – Women’s Slopestyle

1. Jenny Jones GBR 92.33
2. Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas NOR 86.66
3. Sina Candrian SUI 83.00
3. Spencer O’Brien CAN 80.66
4. Silje Norendal NOR 63.33
5. Charlotte van Gils NED 48.33

IMG 4489 333x500 X Games Day Three – Jenny Jones Wins Gold No. 3!

Entertaining the press by not riding like a retard.Entertaining the press by not riding like a retard.

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Friend of Our Camp and Morzine local Jono Wood has stripped bare for Cosmo!

To vote for him in the ‘Hot’ section click on the link above, you can even ‘enlarge image’ hahaha, it feels so wrong, sorry, hehehe, not that he isn’t hot, he is, but I feel like his sister when I look at that picture and it just feels perverted! hehehehe

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I’ve decided to do some pieces for the blog to show everyone what an amazing crew of girls (and sometimes boys) we have coming to spend their time on snow with us.

The first interview is with a very talented young lady that Sonia and I first met on the ‘Schools Tour’ when we toured around the country doing some lectures in schools and spent the weekends encouraging the kids to start snowboarding and skiing with free lessons at their local slopes.

Jordan comes from Plymouth and is just about to finish her A-Levels, as well as having a love of snowboarding, she writes music and we think she’s bloomin’ good at it, hear some of her songs here.


G-When did you start writing music/riding?
J-I starting writing songs when I was about 7 or 8…My first being a blatant number one hit about my poster of Michael Owen and my undying love for him…. Because I was that cool.
I first went snowboarding in Kitzbuhel, Austria, when I was about 10 years old. I had actually refused to go unless i was allowed to snowboard, [The rest of my family are all ski-ers, Booo! Lol] and I instantly fell in love. And not just with my rather beautiful instructor either. I still remember him dispairing of me and my refusal to turn on my heel-side all week, untill the last day when something clicked in my mind and I lauched off and perfectly weaved all the way down a red run, leaving poor Jurgen stood at the top completely at a loss for what he’d said that had finally made it clear… Good Times! Hahaa!

G-What inspires you to write music?
J-I get asked this question a lot and I can never really think of an answer that fully explains it.
I’ve had some pretty hard times and music has always been something that helped me through them. Hearing a song that you can really relate to and let it out to just helps no end when your in a bad place. I guess I’ve always wanted to offer that helping hand to people who might be in a similar situation.
As for what I write –
Some of my ideas come from things I see just walking through town. Like the “Little lady with a smile on her face”. I saw something very powerful in her and it almost moved me. I started writing the song, “In That Moment”, on the bus home! Other songs are what i like to call the “F**k-You Format”, while others express Sadness, Confusion or Frustration. I spose really it’s just emotions, life and the little observations I make on my way through it.

G-Are your Riding and your Music connected?
J-The feeling of traquility and freedom the mountains give you is very inspiring. I’ve certainly had some of my best ideas up there. I’m also one of those who are almost constantly singing to themselves while riding. Or on a chair lift… Or waiting for the ski-ers… Or strapping in… Or… Yeah most of the time…Lol.
Discovering a patch of untouched off piste when your riding offers one of the best atmospheres for writing I find. Or, alternatively, burying your little brother in powder!

G-Where would you like music to take you, whats your ideal, does boarding feature in that dream?
J-I write each of my songs to say something. Each of them has a message weather it be a profound one, an “Oh sod you” one, one written for a particular person or just a “I know it hurts, but keep your head up”.
I write my songs souley to convey these messages and I know the day I start writing my music to make money will be the day that it dies.
So I’m not striving to be “famous”, I’m striving to get my message heard, although I’m starting to realize the 2 will have to go together.
If I don’t make it on the Artist side then I want to work in a Studio on the other side of the glass as a Producer, Engineer or Technician.

Snowboarding will feature in the rest of my life hopefully! Even when I lose the power of my legs I may be forced to invent some sort of Lie-Down-Strap-In-And-Hopeforthebest contraption lol.
In a perfect world, I’ll be taking 6-8 weeks out a year to bounce around Whistler, Tignes or Kitzbuhel in my signiture “kangaroo” style of riding, doing amateur comps where ever i can and improving my riding as much as possible.
In the not distant future I’d like to combat my “Platued-Out” Level of Freestyle skills with the help of the OurCamp team and get my name out there as an Amateur to be watched –
-We got a lot of work to be done girls!

J x


Thanks Jordan xx

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British rider Sara Phillips has been living in Portland with her husband for a few years now, I was wondering how she was after chatting to another friend I know living in Portland, much to my surprise I saw her on the new Holden site! (found via my subscription to Nollie.tv)

She’s friends with Mikey and part of the crew over there so it’s not a surprise to see her face there, what caught my attention was the way they have the items show on the site, it’s all short films, like the new Adidas site that Tim and Johno are making right now (I’ll let you know once it’s live) The films show Sara and others wearing the holden collection in various places in town (Portland I assume)

It’s a nice catalogue, not 100% my cup of tea with the clothing, but then I have absolutely no idea what girls want to wear, but some nice pieces and some environmentally friendly stuff too, good one Holden, and great to see Sara too! : )

Their Blog is now on my subscription list too.

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Here are the weeks for Girls only, we also have a week for both boys and girls, running from the Ride and Slide Chalet from 15th-22nd March.

To see what is included and all camp costs etc have a look at the Our Camp Site (ourcamp.co.uk)

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